Home Heating

We offer a wide range of home heating solutions at Ace Plumbing and Gasfitting NSW.

Specialising in the installation and servicing of all gas heating appliances. We can offer great deals on reputable brands such as RINNAI and BRIVIS.

Whatever your wants or needs to heat your home this winter, we have many solutions to suit any application unique to your home.

Want some advice on which heating solution is best suited to you and your family? Check out our descriptions below for some more information on what we offer, to help you in your decision.

Gas Flame Log Fires

Decorative gas flame log fires

They look as great as they feel! Adding a warmth and atmosphere to your home that is unsurpassed. Our range of gas flame log fires come in many different shapes, sizes and styles to suit the decor in any home. They not only look great but are very effective and efficient heating appliances. Providing both radiant and convection style heating all in one great product. Perfect for curling up in front of, a gas flame log fire is the perfect addition to any home.

Contact us today for a free quote. One of our specialist gas fitters will be happy to come out and take you through our great products and help you decide which gas log fire is best for you and your home.

Gas Central Ducted Heating

Gas Central Ducted Heating

At ACE Plumbing and Gasfitting NSW we specialise in the installation and servicing of ducted gas central heating units.

Just like your standard ducted air conditioning setup. Ducted gas central heating utilises efficient and effective gas heating to push heated air throughout your house via duct outlets installed in your ceiling or floor. You even have the option of add on cooling with these units, taking advantage of gas heating with the option of added air conditioning, all controlled by the one controller/ thermostat installed in your home. Setting the desired temperature and even programming timers so you dont have to wake up to a cold house was never easier.

We can take care of the installation for you from start to finish. Call or contact us today for your free quote.

Flued Gas Room Heaters

Zero Emission Flued Gas Room Heaters

Suitable for the installation in bedrooms and any other area of your home. These heaters are an excellent way of heating large or small areas and come in a range of sizes depending on your heating requirements. These heaters are thermostat controlled, so set your desired temperature and forget. They also come with timer and child lock features.

These heaters are fixed to the wall and flued outside with zero flue emissions emitted inside. Extremely safe and effective they can be installed in areas where portable gas room heaters cannot. They look great and are a perfect heating solution for any home.

Contact us today for your free quote, where one of our skilled technicians will take you through all of your options and possible locations for your installation.

Portable Gas Room Heaters

Gas Portable Room Heaters

Suitable for open living areas such as the lounge room and dining room. These heaters are an extremely versatile solution for heating your most lived in areas. Coming with the option of a 3 metre gas hose, these heaters plug into a bayonet point in the room which can be installed by us and can be moved around the room to suit your needs. We have a wide range of models, styles and sizes of portable room heaters to suit different applications and sized areas of your home. Enjoy radiant and convection heat depending on the heater you choose. We offer great deals on Rinnai room heaters. One of the leading brands in the home heating industry.

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